Content Samples from a Real Client

Sandra was launching a four week personal development online course.  She wanted to generate more attention around that offering and get people to sign up.  We did one 30 minute interview and developed the following content:

  • Four short videos (30-60 secs)
  • Four audiograms
  • Twelve social media image posts

Those assets made it possible for Sandra to post once a day, Monday through Friday, for the month leading up to the online class.  Since all the assets were developed from the interview, they communicated exactly what we focused on in the interview.  What types of people would benefit from taking the class? What would the benefits of taking the class be?  What skills would they develop?  What new knowledge would they acquire?

So instead of posting “Buy my online class!” multiple times a week for the month before the class, Sandra was able to post content that reflected the value she believes she brings to people through her work, and that consistent message could help people decide if this offering was right for them.

Would Content Like This Benefit Your Business?

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